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Become a Bensound Artist

Live off your passion and get your music featured in films, TV & videos all around the world!


Non-exclusive licensing

Your tracks are not limited to Bensound. When licensing your music with Bensound, you can also license your work on other platforms.

PRO Friendly

We accept all Artists whether they are affiliated or not with a Performance Rights Organisation.
If you are registered with a PRO, you will keep 100% of your royalty income when your music is broadcasted on TV or Radio.


Before submitting your music, please make sure that:

  1. You own 100% of the rights to your music (composition & recording).
  2. Your tracks are not registered for digital monetization or protection: We can’t license tracks registered in the YouTube Content ID or similar systems such as Audible Magic, the Facebook and Instagram Rights Manager, etc.
  3. Your tracks are not licensed to a platform that registered or might register your work for digital monetization or protection.
  4. You are not licensing your tracks for free elsewhere.
  5. Your music files and Bio are ready.

Submit your music


Do you comply with our requirements?

If yes, please send us the music you want to submit, which must be ready for licensing, by sending us:

  1. A file-sharing link: Google Drive, Dropbox, or other platforms containing your downloadable music files.
  2. Files must be in MP3 320kbps format.
  3. From 5 to 10 Tracks maximum.
  4. A short Bio about you, your music, and where you come from.
  5. 1 submission maximum per month.

Please make sure to respect our submission guidelines. As we receive many applications, only complete submissions that follow all these requirements will be considered for review.

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